Insights for Customer Obsessed Marketers

Integrated data management platforms drive better customer experience and increased insight.

Automation can enhance the human shopping experience

Mindtree commissioned study recommends balancing of technology and human assistance to address widely diverse shopper comfort levels with automation.

Customer experience as the focal point for the journey to digital

Rethinking your strategies to know, engage, sell and retain your customers

Three user experience myths busted

Debunking common myths reveals valuable UX principles for design and testing.

Why workflows can transform the customer experience

Capturing and reflecting the customer journey

Could UX follow data and become its own vertical market?

Learn how cataloged user experiences and experience segments, refined through data-driven feedback, can create a powerful hybrid UX offering.


A proven approach from creating a future-ready cloud foundation to managing a robust cloud environment.

Google Cloud Platform and SAP HANA integration—a match made for the enterprise cloud

After lagging behind, Google Cloud Platform becomes a cloud contender with SAP HANA integration.

Rethinking your cloud migration strategy: In-house IT or not?

To become a cloud-first company, you need a smart migration strategy—and the right people to get you there.

Big data analytics: How Decision Moments is leading the charge

Mindtree’s new big data analytics platform Decision Moments takes enterprise big data solutions to the next level. Learn more about what it can do.

The successful cloud journeys of seven industry leaders

Learn how these companies took their cloud strategy to the next level with Mindtree.

Going beyond 360-degree customer management

The advent of cloud technologies provides greater customer visibility and more opportunities for personalization.

Going cloud-first: A winning foundation for digital success

The right partner can guide an effective cloud transformation to make your business future-ready.

A successful cloud journey in seven stages

Deploy or improve your cloud strategy with confidence—learn how to make your journey a success.

Book with a travel bot: How chatbots are reshaping the travel industry

Booking chatbots can help companies meet the expectations of today’s connected traveler.

Anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s traveler

Three necessary areas of development to keep pace with the travel and hospitality industry.

The digital trends transforming the global insurance industry

From self-service apps to pay-as-you-go policies, digital innovation offers new opportunities for insurers.

Chatbot Tracker: Is 2017 The Chatbot Year?

Insight about how chatbots definitely need to be a part of every retailer’s commerce strategy.

Digital transformation in 2017: three must-haves for success from the partner of digital transformation at Zinnov

Mindtree explores the most anticipated digital trends with Praveen Bhadada.

Transforming trade promotions from management to optimization

CPG enterprises need data integration, intelligence and analytics to enhance profitability.

Infographic: The 7 most underrated technology trends for 2017

Take a peek at the technologies worth watching in the coming year.

Why DMPs are the future of marketing technology

Data management platforms have hit a tipping point. Are they part of your martech stack?

Mindtree cofounder shares his take on 2017 digital trends

Perspectives and predictions for the new year from an industry thought leader.

What does 2017 foretell for cloud computing?

Businesses should focus on these four areas to drive competitive advantage in the new year.

The 7 most underrated technology trends for 2017

Our take on the most impactful technologies coming your way next year.

Leverage your DMP to jump-start website personalization

A data management platform is essential for getting personalization right.

Grow your brand with user-generated content

When it comes to travel planning, Millennials rely on UGC.

Preparing for an era of shoppable everything

Why—and how—to implement a headless commerce platform.

Seven building blocks for digital workplace transformation

A well-executed digital initiative can meet the diverse needs of your workforce.

Why hotels should adopt beacon technology before it’s too late

Retailers and airlines use beacons to offer personalized service—hotels should follow suit.

The evolving technology of chatbots

The way you talk to your customers is changing, says the CEO of Conversable.

Building consumer trust with better data stewardship

To gain customer loyalty, be transparent about how you collect, use and manage their data.

Maximizing legacy IT investment with Salesforce

Transform your business processes with the right engagement layer.

Considerations before migrating to a public cloud environment

What to know and what to avoid during your cloud migration journey.

Using personas to build the workplace of the future

Learn how to meet the expectations of an evolving workforce.

Getting to the “Krux” of Salesforce with Einstein

Takeaways from Dreamforce 2016.

B2B e-commerce is growing fast, but customer experience still lags

B2B buyers are driving businesses to deliver personalized experiences.

Are your data and analytics initiatives Agile?

Agile never met a data project too big to implement. Here’s how to make it work for you.

How to prepare for the workplace of the future

Considering the expectations of an evolving workforce.

Digital transformation: Separating the signal from the noise

Which of these four digital trends provides the most promise for enterprises?

Lessons from Pokémon GO for the financial services industry

Financial services companies stand to gain from gamification. Find out why.

Help a new generation of travelers collect memories, not things

Digitally transforming your hospitality brand to thrive in the experience economy.

Toward a more holistic understanding of digital transformation

Digital initiatives are still crucial for businesses that want to thrive in the current economy.

How an innovation incubator can keep companies ahead of the curve

Design thinking is a key enabler for digital innovation and business transformation.

Chatbot apps: Winning the heart and minds of customers

Companies are racing to meet generational expectations and enhance the digital experience.

Successful product packaging in the mobile marketplace

Product design must extend beyond the shelf to reach savvy mobile shoppers.

Is your data ready for digital transformation?

How to navigate your organization’s data landscape.

Does data anonymization really matter?

Manage customer data—and trust—more effectively with these transparent, secure approaches.

Get dramatic results from your customer engagement platform

The right CEP will start your company on the path to digital transformation.

Choosing the right CMS vendor

Lost in a sea of potential CMS vendors? An all-in-one evaluation framework can help.

Winning in the age of personalization: Dinner event roundup

Discussions and debate about the latest trends in personalization.

Top three evaluation criteria for your CMS

The art of choosing the right content management system for your business.

Want to Get Your Digital Marketing Organization in Top Shape?

Use these top 3 fitness criteria to choose the best CMS for your company

Choose the best path to your customer engagement platform

The journey to faster development and greater efficiency starts with an essential choice.

Five ways CEP drives your digital marketing strategy

Improve speed, collaboration and execution with a proven customer engagement platform.

Pokémon + big data = commercial opportunity

In the hunt for virtual creatures, companies may find new revenue streams.

Transform Customer Engagement with a Platform Approach

Optimize quality, speed and reduce costs in digital marketing

The expanding role of data management platforms in digital marketing

Data management platforms (DMPs) are not new to digital marketing. Learn how they're expanding personalized marketing and enterprise capabilities.

Research reveals five key practices of world’s top marketers

In the new world of marketing, the most successful players have morphed from filling the funnel to carrying on sustained conversations with customers.

Mindtree Fuses Design Thinking via Its “Digital Pumpkin”

ISG report provides valuable insights on how the Digital Pumpkin manifests the concept of working collaboratively and in new ways to make digital real

Making the most of conversational bots: Smarter usage, greater rewards

Conversation bots elevate your customer service, but that's not all. Learn what else they can do when implemented properly.

Context is king in personalization

Research from Mindtree emphasizes the growing importance of personalization in content marketing. But traditional approaches no longer cut it.

A closer look at Decision Moments, the breakthrough data analytics platform from Mindtree

Take a peek at the details behind the decision science platform that can help your business harness the potential of big data.

Mindtree’s Agile Delivery Supports the Journey to the As-A-Service Economy

Take a close look at how Agile Development can achieve faster time to market and drive continuous delivery

Your contacts are talking to you—are you listening?

Abandon the cold-call strategy to engage your leads more efficiently and effectively.

Golden rules for achieving great user experience

It’s time to bring the beauty of UX to enterprise IT.

Four tips to help launch your digital journey

How to overcome challenges on the road to digital transformation.

The emergence of the citizen data scientist

Companies expect more from business intelligence these days, and that may mean better analytics for everyone.

How to foster greatness in unorthodox employees

When it comes to hiring, it pays to listen to the data—and not just your instincts.

The workplace impact of enterprise mobility

Succeed at organizational change by engaging your employees early and often.

The business case for conversational money management

Personalized interaction with the speed and immediacy of a digital just-in-time interaction.

Supercharge personalized marketing with machine learning

Personalized marketing based on data has become critically important in digital marketing. Discover how machine learning can boost personalization initiatives.

SAP HANA migration: 12 tips for success

Larger organizations are breaking their journey to SAP S/4HANA into several steps to reduce risk. Read 12 tips for SAP Hana migration success.

Use Marketing Cloud to drive growth and audience engagement in Community Cloud

Marketing automation takes customer engagement to the next level.

Target State: The Customer-Centered Digital Enterprise

Key drivers and enablers for organizations undergoing a digital transformation to achieve competitive advantage in the modern marketplace

Go beyond conversation apps to speak to banking customers

Online banking has seen widespread adoption by banking customers. Learn how conversation apps take customer service to the next level.

Delivering Customer Delight at every touchpoint for the Connected Traveler

How do travel & hospitality organizations seamlessly service the connected traveler throughout the entire buying lifecycle?

Cloud and Analytics: A Symbiotic Relationship

Cloud computing best enables the ability to deliver speedy insights to deliver relevant and targeted digital solutions

Personalization Strategies from the Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit Workshop

Stories and discussions on shaping personalization initiatives in consumer goods industry

Decision Moments: What It Can Do For You

First data analytics platform to apply continuous learning algorithms to large data pools.

Retailers Going Digital

An approach for retailers to create an ecosystem around existing investments, redesigning business processes to cater to new channels, and providing a seamless shopper experience.

Retailers respond to changing digital shopping habits

Insights to how large brands, like Target and Walmart, are employing omnichannel strategies to stay relevant in a mobile-first world.

Business’s New Speed Limit: Can We Keep Pace with Data?

A roadmap, implementation strategy and success pillars for data-driven decision making

Personalization drives product sales; companies invest elsewhere

Study finds that personalization improves the customer experience and drives sales.

3 ways the hospitality industry can personalize the customer experience

Companies in the hospitality industry should use appropriate technology to build an enriched customer view to provide a personalized experience.

Personalization: Can effectiveness be measured?

A measurement framework relying on 3 Vs to evaluate your personalization strategy.

4 keys to delivering next generation customer experiences

Insights into how to use data to build an intimate view of the customer is critical to get personal

Data Science, Day to Day: What’s Typical?

Using data analytics to make business decisions is becoming a major part of business plans across industries.

Analytics Best Practices

This on-demand webinar led by experts from Allianz Group and Unilever offers tips to help guide your own analytics initiatives.

Lessons from Adobe Summit 2016

Personalization and crafting customer experiences are going to be the cornerstones for businesses to drive memorable consumer engagement.

API management: The heart of modern digital architecture

APIs are crucial for modern businesses to be digitally nimble without going “all in” by dismantling their legacy systems first

Retail and Politics: Strange Bedfellows?

There are significant connections - being personal, authentic, delivering the goods that are promised, and keeping a close eye on millennials.

The “honor system” for customer personalization

Successful personalization efforts take customer context into account—and back it up with relevance and trust.

Measuring up: How to get more from your digital innovation

Are you measuring the right factors to keep your digital initiative on track? Hint: Start small.

The key to personalization is data

Personalization is no longer a nice-to-have—it’s a requirement. To get it right, marketers need to focus on smarter data collection.

Think you’re behind on digital? Think again.

When it comes to digital transformation, don’t panic. You’re probably further along than you think.

Airlines extend profits by getting personal

Airlines are using self-learning personalization engines to create targeted products that delight customers.

Three essentials to make digital experiences real

This on-demand webinar led by Mindtree experts offers tips on transforming your company to meet customer expectations more effectively.

A framework for omnichannel personalization

In this detailed infographic, learn the business value of personalization and how to adopt a four-part framework for successful retail deployment.

Scrum masters and the Agile framework—first, do no harm

Scrum masters can impair projects by doing too little or too much for their teams. For the best results, learn to lead and serve at the same time.

New strategies for testing in a connected world

Is your approach to testing designed for an omnichannel world? Now is the time to test customer experience delivery, not just applications.

Security in the phy-gital retail world

To keep pace with omnichannel retail, security must expand across systems, partners and environments to serve physical and digital customers.

More important than ever: Reliable demand signal management

Guidance on choosing a tool to extract, transform, cleanse, synchronize and manage data so you get the right business information.

How to engage your financial services customers

Explore the benefits of engaged omnichannel banking, in which financial organizations act as trusted advisers.

A glimpse into the inner workings of an Agile team

In this real-life example, see how a distributed Agile team successfully coordinates a dual-shore project.

How to make digital real: 22 business success stories

Get inspired by real-world examples of companies that have taken digital to the next level.

The modern retail customer: Personalizing the in-store experience

By using advanced analytics to anticipate and respond to buyer preferences, companies can drive higher conversion.

Digital marketing excellence: Collaboration is crucial

Learn why collaboration between creative and technology partners is essential to digital success.

How to start your digital journey on the right foot

The four most common obstacles to digital success—and how to overcome them.

Mindtree’s digital practice brings clarity to a cloudy market

HfS Research found that Mindtree’s digital vision is the clearest in the market.

Embrace API strategy to scale out business and drive revenue

Learn why embracing an API-first approach is the key to getting ahead in the digital economy.

How travel companies can personalize the customer journey

Discover the three key aspects of personalization that travel suppliers can use to engage and retain customers.

Predictions 2016: The digital store engagement surprise

Learn about the initiatives that market leaders are implementing today.

Digital transformation going mainstream in 2016

Most major research firms and analysts agree that 2016 marks a tipping point in the digital economy.

Nine questions to help you get your digital transformation right

Break through the barriers to digital transformation by answering these queries.

Seven game-changing marketing trends to tackle in 2016

Automation, location, interaction and personalization—take a closer look at the top trends to follow this year.

Marketing to “Z”: This mobile generation really gets around

Mindtree CMO Paul Gottsegen and others offer their take on why marketing to Generation Z requires rethinking the rules of engagement.