Marketing to “Z”: This mobile generation really gets around

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In 10 years, the first wave of the generation born after 1995 will be hitting the consumer circuit, spending money on the brands that CMOs are in charge of. To serve these new customers, marketers must evolve their skill sets dramatically. They will need to master ephemeral platforms such as Snapchat and cultivate a rich data background, because the rules of engagement are about to change:

  • Gen Z is the first truly mobile generation. These consumers are not just mobile-first, they’re mobile-only.
  • This generation leaves digital footprints everywhere but will be more difficult to market to—according to Paul Gottsegen, CMO of Mindtree. They’re turned off by traditional ads and they use a plethora of access points, which means even more channels for marketers to cover.
  • Gen Z is global. Their appetite for international opportunities is much greater than previous generations’.
  • These consumers are very realistic. Brands that overpromise will not impress them.

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