Nine questions to help you get your digital transformation right

(Article originally published by McKinsey & Co.)
Answering these questions can help break through the barriers to digital transformation.

  • Where is change occurring? Review the foundations needed to support change.
  • Which customer journeys matter? Use digital solutions to improve each touchpoint.   
  • Are your teams collaborating? Encourage internal collaboration to integrate business functions.
  • Do you have a disciplined “test and learn” approach? Test concepts continually with customers.
  • Are your budgets tied to progress? Follow project development, then pull the plug or add funding as performance justifies.
  • Can your people challenge ideas? Set up a “challenger board” that includes experts who know the business, as well as outside digital natives.
  • Are they empowered? Provide business responsibility, leadership and the authority to break through functional silos.
  • Is IT operating at two speeds? Build new customer-facing capabilities on a separate system from legacy solutions.
  • Are you coordinating a portfolio of initiatives? It’s essential to coordinate initiatives as they run in parallel.

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