Seven game-changing marketing trends to tackle in 2016

(Article originally published by HubSpot)
Here are the trends that are changing the face of marketing in 2016:

  • Relationship marketing. We now have data we can use to develop strong relationship-marketing plans.
  • Marketing automation. This technology makes it easier to schedule email, segment contacts, automate social media posts, manage content and track the customers in your marketing funnel.
  • Location-based marketing technology. Beacons and RFIDs are helping marketers create an interactive experience by targeting users at the point of engagement.
  • Virtual reality. With the ability to tell 360-degree stories, companies will be able to engage like never before.
  • Ephemeral marketing. To reach consumers, you need to offer exclusive content that has an expiration date.
  • Search that goes beyond search engines. As search capabilities improve within social media, brands will get a boost.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT). Wearables and other IoT technologies will continue to help marketers engage with customers.

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