The emergence of the citizen data scientist

(Article originally published by CIO Insight)

It used to be that when customers wanted business intelligence, you could create and package a handful of static reports, dashboards and visualizations for them and call it good. Not anymore.

These days, businesses want the latest analytical tools at their fingertips so they can parse data in exactly the way they want. And companies that can give these “citizen data scientists” thoughtful data discovery tools are likely to see a number of advantages, including:

  • One version of the truth—a shared repository means users have access to the same information. So any debates will be about the interpretation of data, not the data itself.
  • Corporate security—companies can make use of existing IT defenses, so sensitive data remains securely behind a firewall.
  • Ownership of the results—when business professionals become data scientists, they get invested in the process, championing not only the insights they gain but the tools they use to gain them.

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