The key to personalization is data

(Article originally published by Forbes)
With too much content and too many marketing channels out there, brands are under pressure to create personalized messaging to capture new customers and retain existing ones.

Personalization requires a deep connection with both data and community, and too many companies are missing these pieces of the marketing puzzle.

Here are some ways for brands to build personalized marketing tactics:

  • Capture complete data. Marketers need to track every interaction they have with a customer from each touchpoint across all inbound, outbound, digital, offline and real-time channels.
  • Maximize social data. Social cues and signals are better ways to learn more about customers than traditional sources such as email, demographics or purchase records.
  • Practice segmentation. Sift through the available data to find patterns in behavior or user engagement across touchpoints. Then divide your audience into segments based on which pattern they represent.

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