Your contacts are talking to you—are you listening?

The following post was originally published by Magnet 360, a Mindtree company and Salesforce Platinum Partner that specializes in driving audience engagement to ensure meaningful business outcomes.

When’s the last time any actual business came from an awkward conversation like this:

“Hello, Mr. Loman? I’m from Money Funds Financial. Are you looking to re—”

“Sorry, sir. I’m going to stop you there. I’m very happy with my current financial company.”

“Well, did you know that Money Funds Financial can—”

“I’m really not interested. Goodbye.”

“But you haven’t hea—”


As we know, that click is the death knell of the cold call. Across industries, this tried and true—and ineffective—method has long been dwindling out of popularity, and for good reason.

Cold calls = cold fish

Each day, sales reps at financial services companies spend hours poring over unranked lists of leads and contacts. Has there ever been a sales term more appropriately named than cold calling? This is inefficient for reps and incredibly disruptive for contacts. Whether in insurance, banking, or wealth management, serving insurance agents, bankers, wealth managers, or customers, there is a basic need to provide meaningful data to a salesperson that needs to enhance current deals and bring in new deals to drive the business.

If financial services companies want to remain relevant and competitive in the digital world, they need to adopt a plan to be more efficient and effective when engaging current leads and contacts.

So, what’s the plan then?

Forget an unverified list of random people who aren’t guaranteed to even harbor the tiniest interest spending more money with you—start gathering data from those that are seeking your service, and reach out to them! Here’s a great example:

We recently provided a fantastic, efficient solution to a large, non-captive commercial financial services product wholesaler that wanted to enhance its relationships with current clients. The salespeople were trying to divide and conquer a list of tens of thousands of advisors across the nation, sometimes just picking a letter in the alphabet and starting there. No matter their slicing-and-dicing strategy, the process was inefficient, yielding many, many irrelevant conversations.

The cross-cloud Salesforce solution we offered them was simple: combine the web-tracking and scoring features of Pardot with the multichannel marketing automation capabilities of Marketing Cloud and data-housing features of Sales Cloud. Each time advisors visit the company’s website, they are assigned a score based on the quality and quantity of web pages they visited.

As a result, wholesalers are now able to easily see the real-time buying mood of nearly 100,000 advisors, by simply sorting them by their score. This offers the client significant advantage and time savings because they know which clients to call first. Additionally, wholesalers are notified immediately if an advisor clicks on extremely high-value web pages that are high indicators of buying interest.

Now, when there’s a spike in a known contact’s web activity, a salesperson can see that and act on it immediately. The calls are starting to sound a lot more like this:

“Hello, Mr. Loman? I’m from Money Funds Financial. Are you looking to re—”

“Oh, yes, I was just on your website yesterday, let’s talk!”

This versatile and unique solution can be leveraged across the financial services industry.

Make it happen

Is your company interested in killing the cold call? Would you rather spend time on better bets? This solution has worked very well within the financial services industry, as well as others. In fact, this solution recently won the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner Innovation Award for Best Cross-Cloud Solution.

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